Apple Pauses App Store Gambling Ads

Apple have paused all gambling ads on its app store, so you can expect a bit of a reprieve from these types of ads for the foreseeable future.

There has been some controversy online about the nature of gambling ads across gaming and social media platforms. Regulatory bodies have argued for much less gambling ads to be present online, citing the danger it can have on children and teenagers.

Recently, there was a lot of backlash levied at Apple over gambling ads present on the App Store. Apple have since paused gambling ads on the Store, but it is unclear for how long and whether Apple will make changes to its advertising policies.

Why Have Apple Paused Gambling Advertisements?

While companies like Apple have somewhat ‘weathered the storm’ under scrutiny from commenters and journalists, sometimes the noise is too loud to ignore.

There was enough backlash over the recent gambling ad controversy to warrant a pause of those types of ads.

Apple paused gambling ads in mid-October 2022, and it is unclear when they will resume.

You can expect to see discussion online over whether there should be changes to gambling ad policies, and perhaps even changes to Apple’s policies if it’s willing to work with customers.

Apple have made its plans to bring more advertising to Maps, Podcasts, and Books very clear. Going forward, ads are clearly a core part of the company’s strategy.

It will be interesting to see whether this recent backlash over gambling ads changes the company’s plans, even if only delaying the rollout to Podcasts and other Apple apps.

If you prefer your app stores without any gambling ads, then you’ll be happy to know that you won’t have to see any for a while on iOS. You can expect gambling ads to make a return in the future, but in what capacity is anyone’s guess.

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