How Long Will a Pre-Roll Last?

In an effort to save time and even money, more and more joint smokers are turning to pre rolled cones. Available from most good dispensaries, these unique products are exactly as their name might suggest; they are pre-rolled joint shells for your convenience. But what goes into them and how long do they usually last? In this post, we’ll be taking a look at these questions to help you decide on whether you should go pre-rolled or hand-rolled.

What is a Pre-Roll?

As briefly mentioned above, pre-rolls are joint shells that have already been rolled and prepared. They can be purchased on their own or as a pack and their lengths can vary. They are widely available and come in regular joint shapes, as well as pre-rolled cones for your convenience (complete with tips).

Are Pre-Rolls Safe?

Generally speaking yes, but we can’t account for every brand out there. Those from RAW are recognized for their high-quality manufacturing process, with no artificial components such as chlorine, dyes, or chalk being added. Each joint will have undergone an extensive quality control test before packing, making pre-rolls ideal for anyone that doesn’t have the time or patience to hand-roll a joint themselves.

How Long Do Pre-Rolled Joints Last For?

Now onto the most important question (and the topic of this article), how long can you expect your pre-roll to last? The truth is that this will depend on a number of factors, including the length, the composition of the roll, the paper used, and how deeply you take a draw. Generally speaking however, they can last for up to 12 months if unused (while keeping the interior green and tobacco fresh).

This is because they have been designed to function in the same way as a hand-rolled joint that you’d make at home. They don’t need any modification or input from you – just a pair of hands, a lighter, and some free time to sit and relax. They also come in a range of styles and tastes depending on how you pack your pre-roll. If you’re asking how long do they last when smoked, the answer would be about as long as a regular joint.

When buying a pre-rolled cone, you’ll likely find that these last the longest, as the thickest point is at the tip offering a slow, comfortable draw from the offset, before narrowing towards the filter. There are also longer variants of pre-rolls available, allowing a more customized experience whereby the smoker can pick a type they like and then purchase it over the other options available.

Pre-rolls take the hassle out of having to hand-roll a joint, as they provide the outer housing for what will soon be your joint. They can be a fantastic way to save time and as they are affordable and easy to pack, many smokers find them convenient and beneficial, all but negating the need to sit down and dedicate time to rolling a joint by hand.

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