Microsoft Merge OneNote Services Into One App

Microsoft have been looking to merge their OneNote services for some time, and now it appears they’ve done so. There is now only one OneNote app in the Window store, whereas previously there was two.

There was a OneNote app and then a OneNote for Windows 10 app, but you’ll find that there’s only the one app now when on the store.

Microsoft have had bundles of different apps for years and have always had a need to streamline and consolidate its different services.

Microsoft Looks to Consolidate Different App Options

Consolidation looks to be a big part of Microsoft’s plans in general, not just with the OneNote app. This move is not exactly a massive one, but it just makes things slightly easier for you when looking around at what Microsoft has to offer.

Having too many services can make things confusing, which could encourage you to try out a competitor if a certain company you’re looking at has too many similar-to-each-other apps.

It makes sense that Microsoft would want to prevent this by consolidating different apps together and ensuring that there are less options for the user when on the Store.

Microsoft rolled out these changes to the OneNote apps in mid-October 2022.

Changes to apps have to go through checks and regulation to ensure they’re still compliant with all relevant standards.

Sometimes this leads to a bit of a delay between when a company says it’s going to do something vs when it actually happens.

As time goes on you can expect to see more updates to Microsoft’s apps and services. With so many different platforms and products available for everything, Microsoft are not going to want to take its finger off the pulse.

This update is only a small change, combining two apps that are essentially the same into one app, but you can expect more meaningful updates in the future.

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