Snapchat Unveils New Snapchat+ Features

Snapchat unveiled new features for its premium subscription Snapchat+, which gives experimental and new features to premium users to test before they’re rolled out to the rest of the user base. Some of the features include:

Custom Camera Color Borders, which lets you cast your favourite hue on screen when taking pictures.

Custom Notification Sounds, you can set different tones for different friends so that you know who’s messaged you without even having to check your screen.

Custom Story Expiration, with this feature you can set your Stories to expire after a certain amount of time, giving you greater control over which of your content you try to stretch out and which you don’t.

Finally, three exclusive, seasonal Bitmoji Backgrounds for Halloween.

Why Have Snapchat Released New Features to the Premium Model?

Snap Inc have been trying to increase the profitability of the platform in recent months, with the Snapchat+ being a core part of its plan to do so.

Sign ups to Snapchat+ may have been a bit slower than the company predicted, but more and more people are signing up every day. It is likely in future that more features will come to the premium subscription.

Lots of social media platforms have a premium subscription, such as Twitter with its Twitter Blue arm. Snapchat is umping on the trend to ensure it can capitalize on its loyal user base.

The new updates to Snapchat+ went live in mid-October, just in time for Halloween 2022.

You’re likely to see more updates to Snapchat+ as time goes on, as more social platforms try to capitalize on premium features and paid subscriptions in a bid to gain more money from their users.

Meaningful updates to social media add new stuff to the platform, which is a good thing for its user base. Over time, hopefully Snapchat+ and other premium subscriptions will offer users a bit more than ‘exclusive Bitmojis’.

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