XBOX Home UI Receives Update

The XBOX home user interface (UI) will be receiving an update for 2023, which has already been sent to select testing users. The interface looks to free up space and be more accessible to users than the previously bloated tile design.

Users that have previously tested new features on XBOX are likely to be targeted again for this beta rollout of the new home screen.

XBOX have cited the need to “personalize” the home screen for users. It makes sense, you likely spend a lot of time on the XBOX dashboard, as many users do.

Having a more personable home screen is likely to make you feel more connected to your overall experience on XBOX.

It’s a bit like when you organize your room exactly how you want it for the first time, only digital. By having greater customisation over your XBOX home screen, you’ll naturally feel more positive about being on the console.

XBOX has been rolling out the feature to select users since September 2022, with the update going live for all users in “early 2023”.

Updates are coming all the time to different gaming platforms. There’s a rising importance in the ability for customers to customize their products. Companies are paying attention to this across the board, not just in the gaming industry.

Something as small as allowing greater control over the dashboard can go a long way in improving brand perception and holding the user’s attention. Since we are in an economy based on attention, any thing XBOX can do to increase the amount of attention you give them is valuable.

You’re likely to see the XBOX home UI in a few months, so hopefully it’s everything you expect. Early images have shown that it is not too dissimilar to the current dashboard layout.

Reception to the current XBOX home UI has been mixed for years, with many people citing the same complaints as with Windows 10; that is, Microsoft’s ‘tiled’ design layout.

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